Department of Logic

The department of Logic has four permanent members and (currently) one post-doc as well as several PhD students. We collaborate in teaching and research with many colleagues across different institutions, in particular from the Czech Academy of Sciences. The department prides itself on following the tradition not only of Otakar Zich but also the Czech logical school represented by Petr Hájek and Petr Vopěnka. We believe that mathematics is not opposed to the humanities but, on the contrary, has a certain shared foundation. The department has around 30 students in different stages of study (bachelor, master & phd).

History of the department

The department of logic was founded in 1956 on the initiative of an important Czech logician Otakar Zich (1908–84). Otakar Zich was a student of Vojtěch Jarník and his scientific interests extended considerably outside of the faculty of arts. Until 1990 the department was alternating as an independent department (1969–71) and as a subdepartment of the department of Philosophy (1959–69 and 1971–90). The department provided courses of logic for philosophy students and researched topics from the methodology of teaching logic and topics from nonclassical logic.

Around 1988 (under Miroslav Jauris as the head of the subdepartment) preparations were begun on an independent study program of logic. The first plans were refereed by the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Eventually, this lead to a broader collaboration and several external scientists collaborated on preparing courses for the program. First students started studying in 1989/90. The change of the political situation after November 1989 allowed the department to become independent again.


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