Master Program

Poznámka: Magisterský program otevíráme v nové podobě počínaje rokem 2019/20. Čeští studenti se hlásí do české verze (samostatný nebo sdružený program), ve které výuka některých klíčových předmětů probíhá v anglickém jazyce. Účelem anglické výuky (přednášek) je připravit studenty na mezinárodní kontakty a spolupráci a usnadnit jim přístup k literatuře, která je převážně v anglickém jazyce. Pro studium stačí ovládat jen základy anglického jazyka a být ochoten se v průběhu studia zdokonalit.

We are opening the program for academic year 2019/20, please follow the updates here.

The department offers a two-year Masters' program in Logic. The program is administred in two language versions: Czech and English. In the Czech version, some of the key courses  are taught in English, while in the English version all courses are in English (the English version comes with a tuition fee and is for international students).  We believe that the English language is an added benefit for the Czech students, both in terms of learning and the ability to work in an international environment after graduation (students will be offered individual consultations in Czech if they do not find the English lectures sufficient). 


Requirements for Czech and EU students

Students applying for the program must hold a Bachelor's (or equivalent) degree and should have basic knowledge of formal logic (formal systems, propositional & predicate logic, completness, incompletness) and set theory (axiom of choice, ordinals, cardinals, basic cardinal and ordinal arithmetics). Familiarity with analytic philosophy and philosophy of mathematics and exact sciences is useful. Please contact our department for more details about requirements. Students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia should apply directly to the Czech version of the program which is free. For other nationalities, please contact the department in case you would like to study in the Czech version.

Students who need visas

Students from non-EU countries should primarily apply for the English version of the program which has a tuition fee. See the following link for more information. In exceptional cases, the department may help the applicant with the administration process. If you are a strong candidate with a Bachelor degree from a recognized university, you may contact us to get more information (please include details about your education and preferably a recommendation letter).

Program Overview

The program has been significantly updated starting with the academic year 2019/20, with greater choice for the student regarding the focus of the study: from set theory, classical and non-classical logics to philosophy of mathematics and exact sciences. There are also optional courses ranging from linguistics to artificial intelligence.

The standard length of the program is two years.  To successfully pass the Master program, students must write a Master's thesis on a selected research-level topic under the direction of an advisor. The advisor and the topic of the thesis is usually chosen after completing the first year.

While the focus of the program is to prepare students for doing research in mathematics, logic or computer science, research is by no means the only possible career path. The skills needed to sucessfully complete the program and the training in formal reasoning ensure that our students usually have great freedom in choosing a job if they decide to not pursue a career in academia.