Jan 11. 2021

Talks by master and bachelor students

Speakers: Stepan Laichter, Jiri Rydl, Jan Stefanisin. Time: Monday January 11, 16:30, Prague time. Place: Zoom (contact Radek Honzik for details).

Stepan Laichter (Master program in Logic, Prague), Title: An Introduction to Social Software

Abstract: I will introduce the notion of social software in logic, as formulated by Rohit Parikh, and discuss the relation of social software to other fields in mathematics and the sciences. I will illustrate how some of the applications of social software can draw upon propositional dynamic logic. I will close with a discussion on the need for such a term and outline some open questions within the field. 

Jiri Rydl (Bachelor program in Logic, Prague), Title: Gentzen's Untersuchungen

Abstract: I will discuss Gentzen's Untersuchungen (1935), the first paper to propose a variant of sequent calculus. For Gentzen the central purpose for the development of such system was that it allowed for a nice treatment of the Hauptsatz, the cut elimination theorem in case of sequent calculi. I will go through the central steps in the proof of this theorem and follow with a brief discussion of some points which allow for a different approach, such as Gentzen's local definition of the cutrank, the elimination of topmost cuts, or his introduction of multicut.

Jan Stefanisin (Bachelor program in Logic, Prague), Title: Interpretace axiomatickych teorii a jejich vyuziti.