Apr 11.-Apr 12. 2018

Thinking The Infinite

Alain Badiou’s magnum opus Being and Event opens with the claim that ‘mathematics is ontology’. Much of his philosophical work from the 1980’s until today consists of a profound reexamination of the conceptual field of classical philosophical ontology with the aid of contemporary mathematics. This conference is prompted by the perception that the first generation of thinkers reacting to Badiou too often did not adequately come to terms with the mathematical substance of this work. If on the one hand, contemporary mathematicians only rarely intervene in the field of continental philosophy, philosophers, on the other hand, often lack the advanced mathematical education that would enable them to grasp the full scope of Badiou’s thought. This conference, organized together with Alain Badiou himself, intends to fill this gap in the reception of Badiou’s philosophy.

More information can be found at the conference website.