Winter Semester 2018/19

Most of the courses take place in Celetná 20. To get to room number 137, take the steps from the main entrance in Celetná to the first floor, then go right and take the back stairs to the third floor. The courses taught in both of our rooms can be found at the following links: 119119b a 137.

Here is a brief summary:

Monday: Booleovy algebry (Honzík, 10:50, 137), Teorie množin II (Honzík, 12:30, 137), Algoritmy a programovací techniky (Verner, 14:10, 119)

Tuesday: Vyčíslitelnost A (Švejdar, 9:10, 137), Úvodní seminář matematické lingvistiky (Petkevič, 16:40, 119)

Pozn. V rezervaci místnosti 137 v úterý je uvedený kurz Výpočetní modely, ale ten se koná až v LS.

Wednesday: Logika a informace (Peliš, 15:50, 119, až od listopadu)

Thursday: Filosofie logiky (Vlasáková, 10:00, 137), Vyčíslitenost A (Švejdar, 11:40, 137)


  • Some classes are not open because the department did not enroll first-year students in 2018. Should you need credits for non-open courses, please contact dr. Honzík or dr. Verner.
  • The course "Výpočetní modely" will be taught in the Summer semester.
  • The course  Logika a informace  will start in November.
  • The course  Algoritmy a programovací techniky might have a slightly irregular schedule, but will start as scheduled (i.e. on Oct. 1st at 14:00). More info will be provided in the first lecture or you can contact dr. Verner by e-mail.
  • The Seminar in applied mathematical logic will take place at the Institute of Computer Science in Ládví in the meeting room on the second floor every Wednesday from 10 am. The schedule for the seminar is sent out via e-mail. To receive the announcements please contact Dagmar Harmancová.
  • Logic seminar – students can choose either of the following seminars: Logický seminář at the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (prof. Pudlák), Baby logic  (prof. Krajíček), SEDMA (doc. Šolcová), Seminář z didaktiky matematiky (doc. Zhouf), Prague Set Theory seminar (dr. Chodounský),  Thursday CTS seminar (dr. Trlifajová) a Philosophical problems of Computer Science (dr. Krýsl MFF UK). To attend either of the seminars, please contact the respective organizers (given in parentheses). In the SIS students sign up for the course Logický seminář (at the Faculty of Arts). Credits will be asigned by the head of the department.